Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, my book tour like those of many other authors I know, needed to be cancelled. While this is disappointing, it’s not the end of the world and I’m very grateful to you for taking the time to find me here on my website. Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say, and in times like these we must adapt to a new way of life. Since the release of Gulliver’s Wife in April, I’ve been doing a lot of online and radio events. My book launch (originally supposed to be held at Better Read than Dead in Newtown) ended up being hosted online via a Facebook Live event through my publisher’s website. It was a fantastic success and we had lots of excellent feedback about it.


I have some other ‘live’ events scheduled for the next couple of months and I’ll be updating this page soon as more are arranged. But I’m sure you’ll appreciate this is a difficult time for authors, unable to get out and greet our lovely readers. If you can, please consider buying a copy of Gulliver’s Wife from your local independent bookshop or online. And if you have read it, I’d love you to consider writing a review of it on or telling your friends! We need books and stories now, more than ever. I hope to meet you all at a later date once this health crisis dies down 🙂


Books by lauren chater

Gulliver’s Wife

Birth. Death. Wonder … One woman’s journey to the edge of love and loyalty

The Lace Weaver

‘Sometimes a shawl is not just a shawl. It is a voice, a force, a way of remembering…’

Well Read Cookies

Curling up with a book was never so delicious.